Carpet Cleaning

We truly enjoy when we see our clients appreciate our professional carpet cleaning and the results from it. Seeing the satisfaction in their eyes because of the sight of a refreshed, newly-cleaned and sanitized carpet is priceless.

Our professional cleaning operators have been delivering supreme carpet cleaning within Fulham for more than a decade! Rest assured your carpeting is in experienced hands!

There are plenty of reasons why you should have your carpeting professionally cleaned starting with better air quality, less airborne pollutants, bacteria and dust mites. By having your carpet extensively cleaned at least twice a year, you ensure healthy home environment for you and your family, as well as brighter home and cleaner air. Our powerful industrial steam extraction machines eliminate all bacteria, dust mites, irritants and common allergens accumulated deep within the fibres of the carpet.

Our 3-step cleaning system ensures your carpet is left in pristine condition and with prolonged lifespan. Here are our simple yet extremely effective steps to the ultimate carpet cleanliness:

  • We thoroughly examine your carpet to establish its general condition. We look closely at the highly soiled areas as well as the stains in order to pick the most suitable for Your carpet cleaning detergents. What is more, the fibres of the carpet are examined in advance in order to select the most suitable way of cleaning which will not damage their structure.
  • Our second step is the stain treatment where we apply speciality cleaning solutions to the toughest stains on your carpet. This is done to ensure the removal of the spots is as effective and efficient as possible when the main cleaning process takes place.
  • The third and most vital stage of the cleaning session is our hot steam extraction cleaning. Our powerful industrial machines sprays hot steamed water deep within the fibres of your carpet while simultaneously sucking it back within a special container. This process of washing and sanitizing ensures the cleanliness of your carpeting even deep within the base of the fibres. The hot water dissolves the dirt and dust particles stuck on your carpet, and the powerful extraction revives the colour and appearance of your carpet.

On top of our 3-step supreme cleaning session, we have developed two extra services our customers could benefit from greatly:

  • We have pre-spraying session executed prior to the main extraction process. When applied, our unique spray solution dissolves even the most stubborn oils and dirt within your carpeting. This service is highly recommended for highly-soiled carpets or ones which have not been professionally cleaned ever. Service is charged £10.00 per room.
  • Scotchguard is our other additional service. When the main cleansing process is completed, we apply protection spray on the fibres of your carpet. This spray acts as a shield from any water-based stains and spillages and makes the hygiene maintenance of the carpet more manageable. The spray ensures that when a water-based spillage or spot occur they are easily cleanable with a simple cloth and a wiping.

Take the hygiene of your home to the next level and ensure better air, fresher rooms and brighter interior with our high-quality carpet cleaning session! Our professional cleaning operators will make sure each stage of the process is completed to the highest standard and the cleaning result exceeds your expectations!